Wednesday, February 06, 2013

When I Am Afraid

I'm not the type who usually give-up on something but sometimes in order to move on, one must know when to cease striving. I would fight a good fight if I know I could change his mind but I can't, no matter how I try or what I do, nothing would change, it would just be a painful losing battle. I have battle scars all over. How I wish they could just simply go away. Yes, my heart is still breaking. Every little thing he does for her are like little darts piercing my heart. How can one continue living just to die everyday? Yes, I die everyday. I nail myself everyday with Christ so I can continue living and loving with His heart, not mine. Every time that I see him, I'm scared. I'm afraid. Scared to be hurt and afraid to cry. And whenever I feel like that, I put my trust in God. He knows what He is doing and I can count on Him, every moment, every second, in every hurt, in every pain and in every tear..

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